France restricts exceptional transport legislation for UK hauliers

France imposes restrictions on the UK hauliers with regard to the carriage of Exceptional Road Transport

France confirmed that following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, given the current regulations on Exceptional Transport (in particular the TE Order of 4 May 2006).

As from today, all UK resident hauliers will no longer be able to use their CAT I and CAT II long-term Permits in France. Existing ones will be cancelled and new applications will not be accepted. As from today, UK resident hauliers can only obtain a permit for Exceptional Transport for France on route. He is advised to do so as soon as possible. Neither the application time nor the validity are known for the time being.

Drivers en route to and in France are forced to return home or go to the unloading address as quickly as possible, still driving at their own risk. Knowing the French government and the Gendarmerie, there will be a certain transition period, but the duration is unknown and again vague. Some officials are stricter than others. It is just a matter of guessing who you will meet by chance.

We as EPS will keep you informed of any other and any new developments in this matter.

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