Transport Permits

From A to B, organised from A to Z throughout Europe

As a transport company you will face a range of questions in planning exceptional transport, such as:

  • Does my exceptional transport require a permit?
  • Will an escort car be required?
  • Is a special kind of signalling required?
  • Are special signs and beacons required?
  • Are there other measures to be taken?

Our experts provide the right answers and in doing so consider all the relevant parameters and requirements that are set for you as the shipping agent. Our many years of experience enable us to rapidly arrange all the required documents for you. After all, time is money.

European Permit Service - Uitzonderlijke Expertise

Transport Permits

Even the smallest stamp is of vital importance

Arranging exceptional transport from A to B is a complicated matter. Each transport is different and European countries all have their own rules, legislation and application procedures. Even the most experienced shipping agent can easily get lost in the bureaucratic maze. What if you check an incorrect box or miss that one ‘little stamp’. Do not take any risks. Leave it to the experts at EPS who have dealt with these complex procedures thousands of times before. They ensure that you as the transport company will have all the required documents in your hands on time.

Always carrying the right ‘papers’

  • National and international Permits
  • Heavy Transport Statements (NL)
  • Exemption Certificates (NL)
  • SERT documents (NL)
  • Ficha Tecnica and/or Ficha Reducida (ES)
  • Scheda Tecnica (IT)
  • Fiche Techniques (FR)
  • TUV Gutachten en §70 StVO (DE)
  • Vegicle registration (NL, ES)

Do you need other services or permits? Please contact us.

Transport escort and route survey

An experienced guide is the safest choice

An exceptional transport can be so exceptional that a thorough route survey is necessary before the permits can be applied for. Planning the most efficient route depends on the physical distance, travelling time and of course the possible obstacles along the way. The specific parameters that apply to the countries on the transport route are considered here too.

The right contacts

map your entire route on time

In order to do this EPS has excellent contacts in every country and open lines of communication with ministries, government offices and private organisations. They are aware of the current local situations and opportunities. With this information and our international network of agents and supervisors we know upfront where to expect possible bottlenecks and investigate whether street furniture and other obstacles should be removed. If not, we offer alternative routes. Of course, we determine together with you what the priorities are.

The same supervisors for the entire route

The same people continue to supervise the transport in cross-border routes, which is something that transport companies and drivers really appreciate. It increases the level of security because a single team that knows all the details works together for the whole journey. Not having to change supervisors at every border crossing also ensures greater efficiency and security.

Everything you need for the most efficient route

  • Drafting a route schedule
  • (Cross-border) exceptional transport escort car
  • Other measures to be taken (removing street furniture, providing parking restrictions, roadblocks, e.g.)

Signalling & Marker boards

Being well-prepared means you are already halfway there

It is crucial that your vehicle signalling complies with all applicable regulations. For security. But also to prevent being stopped by the police unnecessarily. Different requirements often apply in different European countries. Think of the different colours and sizes of marker boards and flashing lights. Furthermore, individual countries regularly amend this kind of legislation. It is impossible even for very experienced transport companies to keep abreast of these developments themselves.

To EPS it is all in a day’s work. We are constantly monitoring the situation. That way, we can compile a complete and fitting signalling package for you, compliant with European rules and current guidelines and has CE certification. That gives you the security that nothing was overlooked. A reassuring thought.