Expected heavy delays in Zeebrugge due to Brexit

The imminent Brexit will most probably cause heavy traffic congestion on all roads around the port of Zeebrugge. Consequently, there will be (temporary) restrictions for ET, in order not to burden/strain the infrastructure extra and to avoid traffic-hazardous conflicts. The situation will be continuously monitored, evaluated and adjusted where necessary.

The situation will be continuously monitored, evaluated and adjusted where necessary.

All ET will be prohibited from 28/12/20 to 31/12/20 on the N31 between the complex and the A11 (exit 20) and the junction with the N34 (in both directions).

From 01/01/21 (until further notice), the following UV is prohibited:

  • All ET wider than 3m50.
  • All ETs that must cross train or tram tracks on its route.
  • All ET that has to do a manoeuvre against the traffic’s will.

This applies to the following selected roads in and around the port of Zeebrugge:

  • N31 between complex A11 and western outer port (in both directions).
  • A11 between complex N49 and complex N31 (direction N31).
  • N31 between junction N31/N32 and complex A11 (direction A11).
  • N348 – N350 between exit/exit A11 and eastern outer harbour (in both directions).
  • N34 between junction N34/N31 and junction N34/N350 (incl. Minerva roundabout, in both directions).
  • A11 diversion’: N371 – roundabout N371/N31 – Zeelaan – Stationsweg – Pathoekeweg – Dudzeelse Brug – Havenrandweg-Zuid – N348 (in both directions).

Friday 8 January 2021 will be followed by a (first) evaluation.

If possible, the above prohibitions will be lifted in certain time windows and/or certain routes will be reopened.

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