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Exceptional transport demands a permit agent with exceptional qualities.

Exceptional transport throughout Europe is a complicated business, which can be met with many obstacles along the way. In a literal, but also in a bureaucratic sense. As a transport company you must be able to rely on the perfect organisation of the necessary transport permits. You can leave this to the experts at European Permit Service.

European Permit Service - Uitzonderlijke Expertise

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Distinctive since 1992

It is not a coincidence that the word ‘service’ is in our name. We have a reputation with our customers for providing exceptional service, with which we have been distinguishing ourselves in the market since 1992. Need a last-minute permit? Explore an alternative route? Unexpected transport delays due to a calamity? Immediate need for an escort car? You can count on EPS. We take action immediately and help your transport to get on the road fast… throughout Europe.

  • Need a last minute transport permit?
  • Explore an alternative route?
  • Is transport unexpectedly stopped due to an calamity?
  • Should acute transport supervision be arranged?
  • We take immediate action and help your transport get started quickly.

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Exceptional expertise

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European Permit Service has all the required knowledge, experience and (local) contacts to ensure a smooth and trouble-free exceptional transport for you. We can advise on the essential government requirements for exceptional transport. Take care of all the permits and other necessary documents. And if desired provide the route survey and organise one or more escort cars. You can be on the road quickly and confidently. This way, EPS helps you to keep your commitments to your suppliers.

  • European Permit Service has all the knowledge and experience.
  • Connections at local and international level.
  • Your exceptional transport hassle-free on the road.
  • We arrange all transport permits / exemptions and other required papers.
  • We help you to honor your agreements with your clients.

Exceptional transport throughout Europe

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Exceptional contacts

Always the right inside-line with the right authorities

While some processes have been streamlined within the EU, European countries often still have different requirements, rules and application procedures for exceptional transport. The experts at EPS know this field like no other. They faultlessly know their way within the complex rules and regulations, carefully monitor current legislation and have the right contacts within government organisations. Thanks to our open lines of communication with all the relevant organisations in numerous European countries we can arrange everything quickly, which makes it possible for you to be on the road as soon as possible.

  • EPS knows the world of exceptional transport.
  • We know the way in complex regulations.
  • We follow current legislation closely.
  • The right connections with government agencies.
  • Short lines with authorities in many European countries.