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Route survey & Traffic measures

Driving an exceptional transport, you may encounter all kinds of obstacles. Naturally, these must be avoided. A thorough route survey, pinpointing all possible issues on your route, can be of the utmost importance before a permit can be applied for. Or to allow the transport to start. We take into consideration all traffic measures in force on the route.

Which route across Europe

The most efficient route depends on the physical distance, travel time and possible obstacles. We use our knowledge and international network to assist in finding the best solution. Because of this, you as a carrier will reach your destination using the right route with the least obstructions. Naturally, we will discuss together where the priorities lie.

Traffic measures exceptional transport

A route survey might point out that necessary traffic measurements are needed for your exceptional transport. For example, temporary parking bans. As well as the removal of traffic furniture or placing roadway slabs can be necessary for your transport to handle certain bottlenecks on the route. EPS is the ideal partner to organize these operations. Every exceptional transport requires custom-made solutions in this area of expertise.



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